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About Derek Misler

I am a front-end developer and UI/UX designer living in New York with 10+ years experience. I have a diverse education, both traditional and self-driven, of many different web and app development languages for desktop and mobile. I am basically fluent with HTML5, CSS3 (including CSS preprocessors like LESS and Sass) along with JavaScript/jQuery (including frameworks like Angular and React). I have a lot of experience with Javascript templating languages like Liquid/Jekyll and Goatee. I have experience with back-end and software languages, too, like C# and .NET, Node, Python, Ruby, and a long history with PHP. I also have a design background a surprisingly large knowledge of typography (seriously, let's talk about it). I think all developers should study design, and I believe having this well-rounded education makes me a stronger developer.

This site was built with PHP, HTML5, and Less. Learn more on GitHub. 

Experience & Education

Examples of the experience listed below can be found on GitHub. 


Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau


Web Manager/Developer

As the only developer on staff, my job was to maintain our entire web presence. We started with a .NET-backed site, and one of my first tasks was to create a matching mobile site and responsive blog theme. While I was on board, I oversaw two redesigns, first with Coldfusion and more recently with a responsive site that was built with Node on the back-end and a custom JS templating language, Goatee, on the front-end. I've been in charge of creating all print- and web-related assets for our various marketing campaigns, all of the data analysis of those campaigns, and two long-form, media-rich, highly interactive, award-winning web applications. I also oversaw the email marketing program, which included designing and creating the email templates, capturing and segmenting demographic data, and the analysis of the data we received after each campaign.  Asheville, North Carolina

Houser Shoes, Inc.


Front-End Developer/Designer/Photographer

During my time at Houser Shoes, I was part of a 3 person team that redesigned their e-commerce website. We also created a custom CMS based on Magento, which utilized primarily PHP and MySQL and was tied to their inventory and accounting systems. Photography is a part of my design background, so I was also the product photographer. Many hours were spent taking and editing and uploading photos of shoes. Just so many shoes. I was also in charge of the email marketing program, including all of the design and implementation of each campaign, as well as the analysis of the results after each campaign.  Fletcher, North Carolina




A lot of branding, especially at first, but I eventually had enough clients needing new websites that I became a full-time web developer. A lot of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and PHP (usually Wordpress).  Asheville, North Carolina

Precision Printing



Though this isn't web-related, I still think my experience working in a print shop can be seen in my work as a developer. When a job consists of tens of thousands of prints, the whole process requires an extremely detail-oriented approach, efficiency, and communication among all members of the team to ensure we weren't making mistakes that would cost us a lot of time/paper/ink/money to fix.  Boone, North Carolina

The Appalachian Newspaper


Lead Designer/Developer

I worked with an intern to establish an online presence for The Appalachian newspaper, while still maintaining my role as the lead graphic designer.  Boone, North Carolina


Appalachian State University


BFA - Graphic Design

I chose to study graphic design in an arts department. I already had a grasp on front-end web development techniques and continued to study them during this time, but the curriculum path I chose focused on web design while also teaching color theory, typography, and layout design in a group setting. Outside of designing for the web, we also had the opportunity to learn Flash/Actionscript game development.  Boone, North Carolina


Examples of the skills listed below can be found on GitHub. 

  • Adobe CS
  • Angular/Jekyll
  • CSS3
  • Git/Github
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • LESS/Sass
  • C#/.NET
  • PHP
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • ColdFusion
  • Node
  • React/JSX
  • Ruby
  • Java

Live Projects

These are just a few examples of projects that are currently live. For a full portfolio and to view the repositories for these projects and others not included here, check out GitHub for projects like: Gulp Automation, React Comments aka Reactions, Redesigning Explore Asheville, Long-Form Storytelling, Music Scene Angular App . by Derek Misler

The second redesign of

Skills Utilized:
HTML5, CSS3, Goatee (Custom JavaScript templating language), Responsive Design

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Explorers of the Blue Ridge Parkway by Derek Misler

Explorers of the Blue Ridge Parkway

An incredibly large project for just one developer/designer.

Skills Utilized:
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive Design, Custom CSS Framework

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The Science Behind Fall Color by Derek Misler

The Science Behind Fall Color

An award-winning project.

Skills Utilized:
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive Design, Bootstrap

View more by Derek Misler

A custom content management system built upon Magento by a 3-person team.

Skills Utilized:
PHP, Magento, Custom CMS, Responsive Design

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Strunk Home Solutions by Derek Misler

Strunk Home Solutions

Branding project: Logo, business cards, letterhead.

Skills Utilized:
InDesign, Illustrator

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NC Saves Energy by Derek Misler

NC Saves Energy

Logo and posters for area non-profit.

Skills Utilized:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Old Blueprints

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Periscope Magazine by Derek Misler

Periscope Magazine

This was a magazine a couple of friends and I put together a few years ago. My job was all of the branding and the layout of the first issue, as well as the web development for the others. The first issue is the only PDF and the code for the others can be viewed on Github.

Skills Utilized:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photography, PHP, HTML5, CSS3

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Houser Shoes Email Marketing by Derek Misler

Houser Shoes Email Marketing

I was in charge of the email marketing at Houser Shoes. These are just a few examples of the fun ones.

Skills Utilized:
HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator

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